In a new post, this time on his Instagram Story, Neymar spoke again about the racist comments against his compatriot Vinicius Junior. The Brazilian football star raised his voice.

Vinicius Jr’ case continues to cause a stir in the world of football.
Real Madrid forward Vinicius Junior was allegedly racially abused by a Valencia supporter during the 1-0 loss on Sunday at Mestalla Stadium.

After Vinicius identified the fan in the crowd behind the Valencia goal, the referee stopped the contest for nearly 10 minutes in the second half. The Brazil international spoke out about and is receiving support from the football world.

The Brazilian has received several supports from stars and his compatriots. Even the President of Brazil, Lula, got involved in the matter to accompany the young player.

A big fan of Vinicius Jr, Neymar did not remain silent. After a first publication of support, the PSG striker returned to the charge. The former FC Barcelona attacking player made an Instagram Story in which he really raised his voice.

“Something has to be done… How long are we going to have to put up with this?” Until when will they be blind? I am with you Vinicius. Racism is crap… We are all equal,” he posted. This time, football players are determined not to release the pressure on the authorities of Spanish football.

As a reminder, a first sanction fell on Monday evening in this case. According to information from Marca on Monday evening, Iglesias Villanueva, VAR referee during the controversial match between Real Madrid and Valencia, has been removed from his post. The decision was taken by the Spanish Football Federation and the Technical Committee of Referees.