A Soccer academy founded by an African immigrant in Burtonsville, Maryland in the United States is changing lives and training children to become football professionals. The Togolese’s achievements caught the attention of local media as well as that of Voice of America (VOA), which aired a report about him last weekend.

Agbegnigan Amouzou better known as Coach Fofo, is the founder of the Elite Soccer Youth Development Academy (ESYDA), a non-profit organization that helps build youth leadership through a competitive soccer program for beginners.

“Their passions for the game create an atmosphere filled with energy and excitement,” remarked Arzouma Kompaore of VOA.

The football coach is a former Togolese international footballer. He coached for several years in Africa and Europe. The man grew up in Togo where he started playing football in his local community and developed a passion for bringing about change in his community.

Mr. Amouzou traveled to France and became a football coach for 15 years. Then he immigrated to the United States of America, where he currently resides with his family.

In his passion to pursue social change and bring successful leaders to the community. Coach Fofo founded “Elite Soccer Youth Development Soccer ESYDA”.

“When I started 20 years ago, I was called lazy, but studying the field, we realized that football could be a tool to fight against poverty, delinquency, to get children out of the drugs, protect them and give them direction,” said Agbegnigan Amouzou.

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