The French footballer, Benjamin Mendy is declared this Friday, July 14, not guilty of rape and attempted rape.

The 12 jurors of the Chester court have taken over three hours to unanimously declare Benjamin Mendy not guilty.

During his second trial, the former Manchester City player was the subject of two separate complaints: rape and attempted rape for facts dating back to 2018 and 2020. Two charges for which the jury had not reached a verdict in the outcome of the first trial.

When the verdict was announced, the 28-year-old defender burst into tears before being officially released. He had already been found not guilty of six other charges of rape and a sexual assault last January.

“Benjamin Mendy would like to thank the members of the jury for focusing on the evidence in this trial, rather than the rumors and innuendo that have followed this case from the start,” said Jenny Wiltshire, one of the Frenchman’s attorneys.