The coup in Niger led the Heads of State and Government of ECOWAS to meet in extraordinary session in Abuja, Nigeria, on Sunday July 30, 2023, under the aegis of Bola Ahmed Tinubu, President of Nigeria and current chairman of ECOWAS.

The Extraordinary Summit brought together the presidents of eight ECOWAS members, including Ghana’s Nana Akufo-Addo. Three other countries, namely Liberia, the Republic of Sierra Leone and Cape Verde sent their representatives. The meeting also saw the presence of a representative of Mohamed Bazoum, the ousted president of Niger.

During the meeting, the West African bloc recalled “the principle of zero tolerance for unconstitutional change of government as enshrined in ECOWAS and African Union protocols”. In response to the situation in Niger, ECOWAS decided to:

“Affirm that His Excellency President Mohamed BAZOUM remains the legitimately elected President and Head of State of the Republic of Niger recognized by ECOWAS, the African Union and the International Community; In this regard, only the official acts of President Bazoum or his duly authorized officials will be recognized by ECOWAS;”

“Condemn in the strongest terms the attempt to overthrow the constitutional order in Niger and the illegal detention of His Excellency President Mohamed Bazoum, President and Head of State of Niger, as well as members of his family and the Government”.

While calling for the immediate release and reinstatement of President Mohamed Bazoum as President and Head of State of the Republic of Niger, ECOWAS rejects any form of resignation that may come from him.

Other sanctions are similar to those that the organization has imposed during recent coups in the sub-region.