The Nigerien putschists announced on the evening of Thursday August 03, 2023 that they were ending the mandates of their ambassadors in four countries including Nigeria and the United States of America.

As Niamey faces international pressure to reinstate the democratically elected leader they ousted last week, the new military authorities decide to take new steps regarding their diplomacy.

Mr. Sidi Zakari, who has taken up his post as Niger’s representative in Togo since May 2022, was sacked by the new leaders of this West African country. Ditto for the Ambassador of Niger in Nigeria.

The president of the National Council for the Safeguarding of the Fatherland, CNSP, decides to end “the functions of the extraordinary and plenipotentiary ambassadors of the Republic of Niger” in France, Nigeria, Togo and the United States, said their spokesperson in a decree read last night on Nigerien national television.

For the time being, no further details have been released on this decision.

Nigeria has taken some strong decisions against its neighbour since the July 26 coup, but Togo is among the nations whose leaders do not comment publicly on the situation in Niger, although Lomé is actively taking part in calls from ECOWAS.

The U.S and France are also condemning the coup by calling for the restoration of the democratically elected leadership.