In a noteworthy development, the world of sports betting in Ghana is about to experience a seismic shift. As of Tuesday, August 15, 2023, both punters and gamblers will find themselves parting with a slice of their success, as a 10% withholding tax is levied on every victory, whether in the realm of betting, gaming, or the lottery.

This intriguing twist has been set in motion by a recent government decision to rewrite the Tax Act, opening up a new chapter in the West African nation’s financial landscape. Now, any winnings from sports betting or the lottery will be accompanied by a mandatory 10% withholding tax, marking a significant pivot in Ghana’s economic narrative.

The stage upon which this unfolds is one of remarkable transformation. Over the past decade, Ghana’s betting industry has experienced a meteoric rise, a crescendo that has enticed numerous betting enterprises to establish a foothold in the country. This evolution has turned the industry into a vibrant playground for chance and speculation, capturing the imagination of both seasoned players and newcomers alike.


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As the years have unfolded, discussions have ignited about its impact on the nation’s youth. While some quarters caution against its potential pitfalls, others argue that, by the letter of the law, betting remains a lawful endeavor, far from the realm of wrongdoing.

The climax of this unfolding saga comes in the form of a 10% withholding tax, a decision that has sparked intense dialogue. This taxation move has not escaped criticism, with Ghanaians taking to social media to air their grievances and concerns, painting a colorful portrait of public sentiment.

In the digital square, influencers have stepped up to wield their influence and opinions. KalyJay, an influencer of note, delivered his thoughts with a dash of frustration: “You go buy data you go pay tax, you import car you pay tax, you buy something online you pay tax, you win bet you pay tax but we no dey see where the money dey pass. Oman fu sei,” he quipped.

Meanwhile, another prominent Twitter user under the handle LilMoGh posed a probing question: “Did whoever impose the 10% tax on bet, even had a second thought about it.. or they think you win every game you stake.. eiiiii Bibiniiii nso y3 nnipa ooo. You stake 10k and lose, you stake 5k and win let’s say 10k you want to withdraw, aban se mede3 1k.. Awurade Nyame.”

The final act unveils the heart of the matter: the introduction of the new betting tax. For every punter, a twist in the tale awaits, as 10% of their winnings are set aside to be claimed by the government in the form of taxes. The stage is set, and the players are now faced with a new game, one in which the odds are recalibrated, and the outcome is punctuated with a tax-related twist.