The ADN, (Académie Digitale Numérique) of Golfe 1 Municipality, a project of local elected officials in Grand Lomé, Togo, has been inaugurated. This initiative offers free computer training to the youth of the West African country.

According to a statement obtained by AfrikPage, the academy, a brainchild of Golfe 1 Municipality and its leader, Mayor Joseph Gomado, aims to be a premier social and inclusive hub for digital education. It is now enrolling learners.

The DNA’s mission is to “cultivate a diverse pool of digital talents, including young entrants to the workforce, individuals seeking to reintegrate after dropping out, employees aiming to upskill or transition, women, children, and more.”

Among its goals are to “provide intensive and free digital vocational training, facilitating the integration of underrepresented job seekers into the digital sphere” and to “support trainees in their professional integration and career path security.”

This initiative also aims to guide businesses in their digital transformation by assisting employee transitions and enhancing their digital competencies. It seeks to equip actors in the Social and Solidarity Economy with digital solutions to amplify their social impact and to inclusively invest in marginalized areas, reaching individuals distant from education or employment to nurture tomorrow’s talents.

With a population of over eight million, Togo is progressively embracing the digital age. The digitization of numerous public services and the government’s proactive stance necessitate an increased skill set in the sector.