The American rapper and singer-songwriter Lil Nas X reveals he is pregnant with his upcoming album (Montero) by posting controversial photos via his social media channels featuring his baby bump.

“This is my baby,” Lil Nas X told People Magazine about his upcoming debut album, Montero, which is scheduled for release on September 17.

To celebrate the impending delivery of his “baby” (album) on September 17, the rapper, 22, did an exclusive pregnancy photoshoot for People Magazine, featuring a full belly and a flower crown on his head.

In just a year, Lil Nas X has become the gay pop star the world has been waiting for. He goes on blasts, from ultra-gay clips to hilarious tweets, apologizes for nothing, and especially not for being a “power bottom” even if it means creating an embarrassment in the general media.

After the dazzling success of the songs “Montero (Call Me By Your Name)” and “Industry Baby”, carried by clips worthy of Beyoncé – the queerness in addition – the singer has finally announced the release of his first album.

Montero, therefore (Lil Nas X’s first name in town) is due on September 17, and Lil Nas X knows the world is getting impatient.

So the artist distills, from tweets to Instagram posts, things to keep his fans going.

Latest: the cover of the disc, unveiled Tuesday, August 31, where it appears entirely naked, levitating in an ultra-kitsch setting of Greek columns, bright sources, multicolored crystals and purple bubbles.

In his new music video “Montero (Call me by your name)”, Lil Nas X plays several characters. He is both angel and devil, in a fantasy world representing the duality between heaven and hell.

Finally condemned to darkness, we see him descend there using a pole dance bar, before starting a lap dance to hell with it. A very provocative clip that has outraged more than one.