American rapper Lil Nas X, who claimed to be pregnant with his album, which he would give birth to on September 17, 2021, finally kept his promise by giving birth to baby Montero.

He’s only been making music for three years, but Lil Nas X has rocked hip-hop with his homosexual lyrics while pioneering new ways to promote his music online. He decided to release his album in a strange style.

After announcing his pregnancy earlier this month, he continued to post numerous videos and photos of himself carrying the big belly.

On Wednesday, the 22-year-old rapper shared a video on his YouTube channel teasing the release of his album Montero on Friday where he was seen arriving in his own backyard for a baby shower to celebrate the release of his debut album.

Baby shower of Montero

The artist then shared a promotional video for his upcoming debut album Montero on his account, in which he was seen looking around at an empty feature after no one showed up.

At 7 a.m. GMT on Friday, the controversial rapper posted another video on how he gave birth to his album.

Below is the video:

Montero is the third major rap release this month after Drake and Kanye West’s last efforts, and while Lil Nas X never quite steals their thunder.