The populations of the areas of Kamina and Badin, Plateau Region in Togo, hoisted on Tuesday, September 14, 2021, the Beninese flag on their land. It seems to be an act of spite and fed up.

We learned through a statement published by young people from the two districts located on Togolese territory, that they wanted to be integrated into Benin.

They are clearly determined to initiate the procedures with the Beninese authorities. A strong action which could be a challenge the Togolese government.

The inhabitants of these two localities blame Lomé for not having built infrastructure in their homes such as rural roads, health centers and high schools.

A need for basic infrastructure

The populations inform that their localities do not have suitable road infrastructure.

They say they need rural roads and regret that the authorities have remained deaf to their request. Kamina and Badin also lack bridges, they said.

According to their statement, In the absence of these infrastructures, the townships is completely isolated, especially “during periods of flooding of rivers, streams and streams”.

This situation also caused the deaths of pregnant women “for lack of practicable ways that could lead to a health center”. They added.

The populations of the two cantons also deplore the lack of promotion of their executives.

In short, they are frustrated at the little attention that the Togolese government does not pay to to Badin and Kamina, according to them, despite “thousands of tonnes of agricultural products leave the area each year”.

Source: AfrikPage