Photos of a little boy named Archangel, brutally beaten up by his aunt have gone viral on social media in Ivory Coast. Police have finally arrested the suspect.

The case is said to have taken place in Bingerville.

“Following a post in various Facebook groups in which a child was allegedly beaten up for vomiting on a bed, the Emergency Police administration was contacted with the effect of what to do”, indicates the Ivorian police in a press release sighted by AfrikPage.

“After cross-checking the information, we contacted the police station of Bingerville, the police station of the zone for the taking into account of the request ”,

After an initial investigation, the police went to the scene to make the necessary checks.

“The child was recovered and quickly taken to the Mère-Enfant Hospital at Bingerville where he was expected by officials,” said police.

The young boy, around 4 years old, was taken into the care of Children of Africa by the First Lady, Dominique Ouattara, for medical examinations.

The Ivorian police continued their investigations leading to the arrest of the little one’s aunt.

She is said to be the author of the caning inflicted on this tiny child.

Police said the suspect was arrested by the Bingerville Police Station for investigation and made available to the juvenile squad.

Source: AfrikPage