In an interview with TV3, Zylofon FM radio host Blakk Rasta explained the reasons why he was happy when the Ghanaian Dancehall artist Shatta was arrested.

“Shatta Wale is a prophet!” That’s how the radio presenter has decided to answer the journalist when he was questioned about his feeling after hearing that Shatta has been granted bail.

“Before this, he prophecied that some showbiz people who are foolish and misbehaving, should be locked up by the Police for three months…And the prophecy started with him”, Blakk Rasta said.

“So why should I feel sorry for a man who prophecied that stupid and foolish showbiz personalities will take jail for two months, three months?”

The presenter was also disappointed by the media or bloggers who only reported that he was happy with the artist’s arrest, without explaining his declaration.

Therefore, Rasta argued that he made this statement indicating that if Shatta’s arrest could change “his lousiness, arrogant and boastful life and society, then let it be”.

Blakk Rasta also explained why he is no longer on good terms with Wale. According to him, the latter rejoiced when he lost his job at Accra-based radio station Hitz FM in 2015.

“When I resigned that day, the first comment I read online, apart from the fact that Blakk Rasta resigned, was Shatta Wale saying: You will lose your job if you try me”, Blakk Rasta said.

“And he went ahead to say that he was the happiest man in the world that Blakk Rasta has lost his job”.

Source: AfrikPage