At the Summit of the COP26 which is currently being held in Glasgow, the Tanzanian President Samia Suluhu Hassan, made an alarming inventory of the consequences of climate change for her country.

Fearing the impacts of this situation, the leader of the country of East Africa calls for a collective surge.

“We know what is required and we know that if the world will not act accordingly, the countries like ours with lower adaptive capacity have no option but to brace for more devastating impacts. Our pride, the Mount Kilimanjaro, is drastically becoming bald due to glacier melting,” Samia complains.

“Our exotic and beautiful archipelago, Zanzibar, is struggling with temperature rises, saltwater intrusion and inundat-ion, thus impacting its tourism ecology. What does all this mean to a poor country like Tanzania?”, She added.

” It means 30% of our GDP (gross domestic product) that comes from agriculture, forestry and fisheries is not sustainable.”

After discussions with my fellow leaders here in Glasgow, Scotland it is my expectation that developed countries will live up to their commitment to provide funding to address the environmental impact that is beginning to emerge in the world including Tanzania due to climate change.”

Indeed, whether with floods or rising temperatures, the African continent is paying a heavy price for global warming.

Yet Africa is one of the lowest emitters of greenhouse gases with only 4% of global emissions.

Source: AfrikPage