During an extraordinary summit, this Sunday 07 November 21 in Accra, as we announced, the heads of state of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) have decided to toughen individual sanctions against Malian and Guinean military leaders.

Guinea has been suspended from the sub-regional organization since the September 5 coup that overthrew Alpha Condé.

Still in retaliation for the putsch, ECOWAS decided on September 16 to take targeted sanctions against the junta.

Mamady Doumbouya meets ECOWAS diplomats/ October 14, 2021
Mamady Doumbouya meets ECOWAS diplomats/ October 14, 2021

Putschist soldiers are banned from traveling, their assets and those of their families frozen.

The leaders of the sub-regional authority also demanded the holding of presidential and legislative elections in six months, but also the release of Alpha Condé.

Of all these requirements, the CNRD fulfilled only two points, namely the adoption of a transitional charter, and the appointment of a government headed by a civilian prime minister.

ECOWAS considers the actions taken by the junta insufficient, while at the end of October, a delegation led by the chairman of the commission Jean Claude Kassi Brou indicated that positive points had been posed.