In Cameroon, residents of the English-speaking region of Bamenda gathered on Friday to denounce the death of a 7-year-old girl shot by Police.

On Friday afternoon in Bamenda, little Brandy Tataw was leaving school when, during a traffic check, a vehicle refused to stop.

According to a statement from the Cameroonian Police, sighted by our editorial staff, the police fired for warning, an attempt to immobilize the vehicle, unfortunately a bullet hit Brandy. The girl died on the spot.

Her body was carried, by a hundred people who walked to the administrative district of Upstation where the governor lives.

The populations decided to demonstrate by blocking the city. Vehicles were set on fire, roads blocked, the army had to fire to disperse the demonstrators, causing some injuries.

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In the English-speaking region in Cameroon, this is the second such incident this year.

On October 14, a 4-year-old girl was killed by a soldier on her way to school in Buea. According to reports the responsible soldier had been lynched to death.

Source: AfrikPage