While Nigeria has recorded its first cases of the Covid-19 variant, called omicron, churches, mosques and other places of worship in the country are also being used as part of the new vaccine strategy initiated by the authorities.

To be vaccinated against Covid-19, people no longer need to go to a traditional vaccination center to receive their dose.

Places of worship are therefore visited by caregivers as part of the so-called proximity vaccination.

Like other countries in the sub region, the obligation of health pass in the public administration has entered into force, thus causing the rush for the precious liquid in the country.

The coronavirus outbreak has killed 2,976 people and infected 214,113 in Nigeria, official statistics show, but the actual numbers are believed to be much higher, not least due to the low testing rate.

Meanwhile, vaccination rates remain low, with just over 6.5 million people having received a dose while only 3.5 million Nigerians have already been fully vaccinated out of the country’s 210 million people.

Source: AfrikPage