The Ghanaian social media commentator based in The US Kevin Taylor has expressed his disappointment in the Otumfuo Nana Osei Tutu II after the latter, referring the rejection of the controversial 2022 budget with E-Levy, adviced the members of parliament to help the government implement its policies.

Kevin Taylor on his latest show named “With All Respect”, urged Asantehene to instead use his position to advise President Akufo-Addo to make life easier for the Ghanaian people, instead of using that position to support the government.

“You’re protecting the ridiculous lifestyle of the president … People see you today as a political Chief. Our interest is not your interest”, Kevin Taylor blurted.

“You know the hardships in the system You know the unemployment rate!
You know what we are going through.
You know the stupid lifestyle of this president. You know the disrespect he is showing Ghanaians, with all due respect Sir… But still you still come before Ghanaians and defend a criminal entity “, he added

The avowed critic of the New Patriotic Party also stated that Otumfuo “never spoke on the eight people who were killed during the elections”.

“…You never spoke on the Ayawaso Wagon , and these were all things under this man. You never spoke on any criminality in this government…who do you stand for ? Are you speaking for us or you are speaking as a politician ?”

Otumfuo’s statement

This reaction among others, follows a statement made by Otumfuo Osei Tutu II at his gala night in kumasi last Sunday calling on members of parliament to allow the government to do its job. He was referring to the rejection of the 2022 budget which proposes a new tax of 1.75% on all electronic transactions in Ghana.

“We elect people to represent us to make sure there is some equilibrium in what governments do. It is to our good that our representatives in Parliament subject the national budget to the most rigorous scrutiny and to call for changes,” the Otumfuo said.

“Government must also have the humility to acknowledge and embrace the useful inputs from all sources, but our representatives need to bear in mind that it is not their role to either determine policy or to frustrate the executive from performing their legitimate duties,” he added.

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Source: AfrikPage