Kurt Zouma, the French professional footballer who plays as a centre-back for Premier League club West Ham United and the France national team is accused of abusing his cat after a video of him beating the cat went viral.

In the video we obtained through the UK magazine “The Sun”, Zouma can be seen kicking the animal, throwing an object at it.

Worse, at the end of the video, a child approaches with the feline in his hands, then Kurt Zouma lands a slap on the cat. The whole thing is filmed by an individual who has fun with the scene.

The French international’s club (11 caps) says it “unreservedly condemns the actions of its player on the video that has circulated. We have spoken with Kurt and we will deal with this matter internally, but we want to ensure that in no way do we condone cruelty to animals.”

Kurt Zouma also expressed himself, saying he was “deeply sorry to everyone who was shocked by the video. I want to assure everyone that our two cats are perfectly fine and that they are loved and cherished by our family. This event was an isolated fact that will not happen again.”

Very wise words contrary to the images, and while the media storm is just beginning with thousands of hateful messages on social media against the Lyonnais, who is nevertheless the sponsor of an association for the defense of tiger victims of violence.

Kurt Zouma could now face legal proceedings. It remains to be seen what his future will be in football, internal sanctions could be taken by his club.

Source: AfrikPage