The Nigerian government plans to evacuate the 8,000 Nigerians in Ukraine and 2,000 other Africans, focusing mainly on West African citizens, including Ghanaians.

This is what the director of the consular and legal department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bolaji Akinremi, said in an interview with Punch.

“We are making arrangements to evacuate citizens from Ghana, Togo and mainly West African countries. It is open to all African countries. We have food for about 2,000 of them as long as they can find their way from here,” the official said.

According to him, once these Africans arrive in Nigeria, they should go to their respective countries. All of this, he said, will be done for free.

However, he noted that the evacuation would start this Thursday and not Wednesday as planned, blaming the delay on the host nation’s clearance.

Source: AfrikPage