The Bulgarian embassy in Accra, Ghana was demolished in the middle of this week by a private developer, a situation which embarrasses many including the Ghanaian government which has taken the matter seriously.

While waiting for the land dispute to be resolved once and for all, Ghana has cleared the case and Bulgaria has asked that its premises be refurbished and that security be provided to its staff.

Ghanaian members of parliament from the NDC party have also called for the matter to be discussed in the chamber.

Having taken up the case, the Ghanaian government has declared through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Regional Integration that its attention has been drawn to a case that appeared on social media on March 16, 2022.

Government disassociated itself

In a statement, the government dissociated itself from the demolition of the Bulgarian embassy in Accra and let it be known that the action was carried out by a private promoter.

After this clarification, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs insisted that all the steps taken so far to secure the plot of land for the foreign mission have proved futile.

In view of the obligations under the Vienna Convention on Diplomatic Relations of 1961 regarding the obligation of host States to the inviolability of the premises of diplomatic missions, the Ministry has called the parties to a meeting for an amicable settlement of the case.

In the process, the government through the Ministry of Lands and Natural Resources on Friday, March 18, 2022 assigned an investigator, retired Judge Kwasi Anto Ofori-Atta, to investigate the true owner of the plot of land claimed by both the Bulgarian Embassy and a private developer.

The Ambassador of Bulgaria to Ghana and Nigeria outlined the conditions imposed by his country’s government on the government of Ghana following the illegal demolition of the property of the Bulgarian Embassy, which in his view is a violation of the Vienna Convention.

Source: AfrikPage with News Agencies