Egypt have lodged a complaint against Senegal claiming their team was subjected to racism and “terrorised” by home fans on Tuesday during the return leg of the World Cup playoff in Dakar.

Mohamed Salah was one of players targeted by green laser pointers during the Penalty shootouts won by The Lions of Teranga yesterday.

Salah was one of several players targeted by laser pens shone form the crowd as he prepared to take his penalty

The country has also claimed that their team bus was attacked causing injuries.

“The Egyptian team was subjected to racism after the appearance of offensive banners in the stands aimed at the players, specifically Mohamed Salah,” Egyptian Football Association (EFA), said in a statement.

“Moreover the Senegalese fans terrorised the Egyptian players by throwing bottles and stones at them during the warm-up, as well as attacking the Egyptian team bus, which caused glass shattering and some injuries, which was documented with pictures and videos attached to the complaint”, the statement added.

According to the latest information, the disciplinary bodies are currently analysing the situation and may decide to fine or take some other punitive measures against Senegal if they’re found guilty.

Source: AfrikPage