He is undoubtedly one of Arsenal’s best players this season, the Ghanaian Thomas Partey is likely to miss the next few weeks of competition.

Monday evening, Arsenal lost 3-0 on the lawn of Crystal Palace and Thomas Partey left with fifteen minutes remaining. On Thursday, the London club communicated on the injury of the Ghanaian midfielder.

Initial examinations have revealed that the Gunner suffers from injuries to his right thigh. At the moment, it’s still unknown how many weeks he could miss, but it could be at least three weeks as it seems to be the same injury as last season which cost him a month out.

This unavailability falls at the worst time for Mikel Arteta’s band. Engaged in the race for the Champions League, its workforce is amputated by a new important player before the final sprint.

The time still seems optimistic for Partey, we must still wait for other medical examinations so that Arsenal can decide again. On the side of the staff and the supporters, a return is surely hoped for the successive clashes against Chelsea and Manchester United, on April 20, then on April 23. However, it may be complicated.

While the Gunners were on a very good dynamic, Crystal Palace stopped them in their tracks. And as bad news never comes alone, Thomas Partey has been announced injured and unavailable until further notice. A real blow for Arsenal.

Source: AfrikPage