Against Benfica on Tuesday, Sadio Mané scored the second goal for Liverpool in the 34th minute. As usual, the Senegalese star did not celebrate his great achievement. At the end of the game, he explained himself.

“As I always say, winning is more important. I am happy to score the goal but happier that the team have scored three goals and that we are ready for the next game,” he told BT Sport as a response the question of why he no longer celebrates his goals at Liverpool.

As part of the 31st day of the Premier League, Liverpool will play against Manchester City on Sunday. Mané’s position in Liverpool’s game has changed a lot with the start of Luis Diaz on the left flank.

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Asked about the changes Klopp will make at the Etihad, Sadio Mané said: “You will have to ask the boss! We are Liverpool, we have a deep team. Sometimes we make changes for the benefit of the whole team. Yeah, but it’s a good start. We can’t expect better than that. Now we are preparing for the next game.”

Source: AfrikPage