In Liverpool, there are the essentials from Africa : the Egyptian Mohamed Salah and the Senegalese Sadio Mané, but the Reds can also count on a third African, Naby Keita.

The Guinean is playing his best season in England since his arrival in 2018. His presence will be an asset this Sunday, April 10, for Liverpool who are challenging Manchester City for the league title.

The 32nd day of the Premier League will be marked by the duel for the throne of England, with Manchester City receiving Liverpool. The Sky Blues dominate the standings with a small point ahead of the Reds.

Naby Keita

To pass, Liverpool will rely in particular on the Senegalese Sadio Mané and the Egyptian Mo Salah. But the Guinean Naby Keita could also shine in the red jersey, as the midfielder, very good this week in the Champions League, is returning to form after being in great difficulty last season when he only played 14 matches in championship.

In April 2021, Naby Keita hit rock bottom. Quarter-final of the Champions League, Liverpool sinks on the ground of Real Madrid (3-1). The Guinean midfielder gives up before the break. A sanction from his coach Jurgen Klopp.

A year later, still in the quarter of the Champions League, Liverpool won easily against Benfica (3-1). Naby Keita is decisive with in particular a beautiful opening on the third goal of the Reds.

Naby keita, First Guinean to win the Champions League

It’s a real renaissance for the former Red Bull Salzburg player who has already played 26 games in red this season.

The captain of the Syli continues as rarely since his arrival in England four years ago. At 27, his body leaves him more peaceful despite a month of absence in the fall and recent knee problems.

Today, his chest, his technique and his mind should do Liverpool good in the final sprint.

Already winners of the League Cup, the Reds are still in the race on all counts. In Europe, they’re aiming for a new big-eared cut. In 2019, Naby Keita became the first Guinean to win the Champions League.