Members of Commonwealth governments gathered in Birmingham, UK, for the 10th Commonwealth Sport Ministers Meeting (10CSMM) on July 27, 2022. This first meeting since the organization grew from 54 to 56 nations was warmly welcomed by the Togolese sports journalist, Yaou Mensah Agbenou.

As a Togolese and English-speaking sports journalist and even resident abroad, Mensah Agbenou believes that Togo’s entry into the Commonwealth becomes a new motivation for him and some of his compatriots.

“My confidence is growing day by day. I started to have more hope for the future of my country. I know that the time spent learning English was not a waste. But this kind of new alliances give more hope to some of us,” Mensah told his colleagues.

The meeting, convened by the Commonwealth Secretariat, takes place every two years alongside the Commonwealth Games or the Summer Olympics and Paralympics.

10CSMM, July 27, 2022 Birmingham, UK
© Togolese government.

The main goal of 10CSMM is to advance Commonwealth consensus and co-operation on key sport policy issues across the Commonwealth.

The participants will discuss among others, “how investment in sport can be leveraged to boost equitable development and will showcase examples of innovation in the sector.”

Togo and Gabon joined the group on the occasion of the CHOGM meeting in Kigali, Rwanda from June 20 to 25, 2022. They thus attended their first official Commonwealth meeting.

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Source: AfrikPage