The day after the defeat of the French team in the final of the 2022 FIFA World Cup, Karim Benzema has most likely announced his international retirement with the Blues. An announcement criticized and which once again reflects clumsy communication.

This is a new release that is talking even on the set of the EuropeSport 1 program. Karim Benzema did not wait long after the end of the 2022 World Cup to announce the end of his international career. A highly criticized timing, since this announcement comes the day after the defeat of France in the World Cup final against Argentina.

For Nabil Djellit, “there is a wolf. We would like to know everything from the start about the nature of his injury, why he left the group. We have a feeling that he has been exfiltrated and he is finishing this World Cup by exfiltrating all alone in the end.”

“It’s a feeling of waste, of incompleteness, of poor communication with his tweets and his stories,” he added on the Europe Sport 1 set.

As a settling of scores with the France team, Karim Benzema left an enigmatic message which leaves little doubt about the end of his relationship with the National team: “I made the efforts and the mistakes it took to be where I am today and I’m proud of it! I am wrote my story and ours in ending. #Nueve”.

What happened before Karim Benzema ‘s announcement

Called in the list of 26 players invited for the World Cup by Didier Deschamps but forced to give up because of an injury, Karim Benzema has since multiplied the controversies. A first tension was born after the Madrid striker was injured again. He wanted to stay with the France group to heal and give himself a chance to return to the field at some point in the competition, which was not to the taste of the staff of the France team.

More recently, the football star who celebrated his 35th anniversary on the very day he made the controversial announcement, had created has declined the invitation of President of France. Emmanuel Macron reportedly offered him to come and attend the World Cup final and thus encourage his partners.

Source: AfrikPage