Sentenced on January 4, 2023 for acts of violence against a police officer, a Malian footballer is transferred to Besançon prison. His club, Sochaux confirmed on Thursday.

This is an information on which the club had not communicated. Sambou Yatabaré, who arrived in Sochaux this summer from Valenciennes, has been in prison since mid-January.

According to concordant sources, the 33-year-old Malian international footballer was arrested in mid-January shortly before afternoon training, when Sochaux had just played in Le Havre.

Sochaux confirmed the information, in a press release published on Thursday, adding that “no other comment on this private situation, unrelated to the FCSM, will be made by the club”

The player was sentenced to twelve (12) months in prison by the Bobigny Criminal Court, for acts of violence dating back to 2017.

Indeed, at the time, the Malian midfielder had an altercation with a PAF policewoman, whom he hit.

The latter, who was reportedly not on duty, reproached him for his conduct as he went to the airport. Sambou Yatabaré lost his temper and allegedly punched the policewoman in the face.

Me Amar Bouaou, the lawyer for the former player of Valenciennes, denounces this sentence, and requests the provisional release of his client.