The multi-award-winning Togolese artist Kaporal Wisdom is organizing a Slam contest called the Patriotic Slam Championship with the theme, A SLAM AGAINST VIOLENT EXTREMISM AND TERRORISM. The aim of this competition which brings together several poets and artists from the west African country, is to make them “Messengers” in the fight against terrorism in Togo.

This event is being organised by the Cultural Education and Social Association in Africa (ACES-Africa), founded by the Togolese artist, Kaporal Wisdom.

According to him, public awareness remains a very necessary means in the fight against this scourge which is gaining ground in the sub-region. And this task could be more effective if it is carried out in each city, by local citizens.

“When it is one of their own who gives them this message, they have more confidence, and they believe in themselves more. Because they know they live the same realities. They go through the same daily lives,” Wisdom said in an interview with AfrikPage earlier this week.

“We want to make these artists, spokespersons or ambassadors
of citizenship, patriotism and good citizenship in their respective communities… This is why we think that at the end of this championship, the champion becomes an ambassador who will transmit messages for the community, transmit messages for the country”, he added.

For this 4th edition of the national patriotic slam championship, 33 candidates have been selected for the voting phase which takes place online until April 14.

The grand finale of this event is scheduled for April 29, 2023 at the Bella Bellow stage of the University of Lomé. ACES-Africa promises a sum of one million CFA (about 1600 USD) with an electric motorcycle to the winner.

The insurgency of terrorist attacks in the Sahel Region is spreading towards the coastal countries of West Africa. While Ghana is making arrangements to deal with this situation, Togo and Benin are already reporting several attacks near their borders with Burkina Faso.