The CAF Executive Committee during its meeting held on April 4, 2023, has amended the article 27 of the regulations of the Africa Cup of Nations under 17, AFCON U17. New rules that can lead to disqualification of national teams in the event of non-compliance.

This approach by the Executive Committee follows the recommendations of the Youth Organizing Committee and the Medical Organizing Committee, which want to help the governing body of African football to fight effectively against age fraud on the occasion of the next editions of the AFCON U17.

In a circular note sent this Tuesday, April 11 to member associations, CAF informs that its Executive Committee has decided to make changes to Article 27 of the AFCON U17 regulations.

According to the new article, CAF reserves the right to make another eligibility MRI test for the players of the twelve (12) teams within the framework of the final tournament.

If after performing the Eligibility Test (MRI) for a team and, (4) or more of its players are found to be ineligible, the entire participating team will be disqualified.

Point 5 of the modified article 27, specifies that if, after carrying out the eligibility MRI test(s) for a participating team one (1), two (2) or three (3) of its players turn out to be ineligible, the player(s) will not be allowed to participate in the competition. Their team will be allowed to participate in the competition, but will not be allowed to replace the ineligible player(s).