Almost a year after joining the Commonwealth Nations with Togo, Gabon will change the name of several of its diplomatic missions abroad.

A decision to comply with the texts of the Commonwealth Nations of which the country of Ali Bongo became a member last June with Togo.

These missions will soon no longer have the name of embassy, but rather of “Haut-Commissariat de la République gabonaise” or “High Commission”.

In the process, a draft decree on changing the name of the diplomatic missions of Gabon accredited in the Member States of the Commonwealth was adopted this Wednesday, May 24 in the Council of Ministers.

This means that Gabon will soon no longer have “embassies” in Canada, Ghana, South Africa, Cameroon, Nigeria, India or even the United Kingdom.

Instead, the Central African country will now have ‘High Commissions of the Gabonese Republic’ or ‘High Commissions’.

According to Gabonese leaders, this change responds to the country’s desire to comply with the texts and statutes of the Commonwealth of which it has been a member since June 2022.