Germany beat France on Friday June 1st in the final of Euro U17 2023. The match, which was played in Budapest, was decided in a lively penalty shoot-out (0-0, 5-4).

Started on May 17, the 2023 edition of UEFA European Under-17 Championship, had its epilogue on Friday evening, with the final between Germany and France.

In a lively match, disputed in Budapest, the two teams were separated during the fateful penalty shootout. And in this game, it was the Germans who proved to be the most skilful, winning the session (5-4).

Germany have won the Euro U17 2023 against France on June 1st 2023

In a very tense first half, both teams were close to opening the scoring from the first minute.

Germany had scored 16 goals in five matches in Hungary before this final, but they were not in their best form, with Paris Brunner and his team-mates struggling to escape the French back line. This first act therefore ended with a scoreless draw.

When they returned from the locker room, neither the Germans nor the French could find a breakthrough. In added time, a reflex save from Schmitt, who deflected a volley from Lambourde, prevented the blues from taking the lead. It was therefore necessary to proceed to the penalty shootout.

The youngsters of the Nationalmannschaft thus won the title for the second time, after that of 2009.