American multi-billionaire Bill Gates who was in China last weekend has arrived in Africa. He travels to West African countries with Aliko Dangote, the continent’s richest man. The two giants were in Niger on Monday.

The Head of State of Niger Mohamed Bazoum received on June 19, 2023, the co-president of the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Bill Gates and the Nigerian Aliko Dangote, as President of the eponymous Foundation.

In Niamey, these two personalities discussed with President Mohamed Bazoum the partnership between their foundations and the government of Niger in the field of health and development.

“Given the long-standing partnership between Niger and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation on issues of vaccination and polio elimination, the meeting with the Head of State focused in particular on the major issues relating to health and development, indicated Mr. Gates at their exit from the hearing”, read a press release from the Nigerien Presidency.

© Présidence Nigérienne

Gates reiterated the support of the two foundations to the West African country in its efforts to meet health challenges.

“We are very happy with this commitment from the Head of State and the partnership between Niger and our two Foundations because vaccination can save thousands of lives,” he said.
“We also discussed the actions that we are going to take in the context of the elimination of poliomyelitis and other issues to strengthen the health system in Niger,” he added.

According to the Niger government, the country has been a leader in polio eradication and immunization efforts in recent years. Bill Gates is also expected in Nigeria this week.