Elon Musk , the owner of the X (formerly Twitter) publicly stated on Monday that the platform could become paid for all users as a measure to combat fake accounts.

The CEO of X may introduce a significant change to the social network. On Monday, Elon Musk revealed this in a conversation with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. The aim of this decision is to combat fake accounts.

AfrikPage reached out to X for additional information, but as of now, the company has not provided a response.

It remains uncertain whether this remark was spontaneous or an indication of more concrete plans that have not been disclosed yet.

At the moment, this idea remains a proposal. Elon Musk has not provided any specific dates or prices, simply mentioning “a few dollars, a small amount.” The business leader, who took over the social network almost a year ago, views this measure as “the only way to combat a vast army of bots.”

On X, the business model has already evolved since Tesla’s CEO acquired the company for $44 billion. For several months now, “verified” accounts (Twitter Blue) have been required to pay approximately €9.60 per month to access various features and have their posts promoted by the algorithm.

Additionally, by meeting certain criteria, these certified users can earn compensation based on the number of impressions their tweets receive.