The Togolese national football team lost its first match in the second round of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers. Les Éperviers lost after a tough battle against Senegal 0-2 on September 1 at the Lat Dior stadium in Thiès.

With a device in place to counter the adversary, the Hawks offer fierce resistance to the Lions. For their first selection, Roger Aholou and Jean-Marie Nadjombe show great skills. Senegal pushes but the defense masterfully held by captain Dakonam Djene holds the right end until the break (0-0).

In the second half, the Sparrowhawks come back with good intentions but very quickly, their opponents gain the upper hand.

After a one-two with a partner on the left flank of the Togolese defense, Sadio Mané opened the scoring. The Liverpool star unblocks the situation for his team.

Behind, Togo tries to react. Laba muzzled by Kalidou Koulibvaly must have found the fault. David Henen was struggling on his side but without finding a solution.

In the 81st, on a corner, Abdou Diallo shoots Malcom Barcola at point blank range, who nevertheless has a good match. Final score 2-0 for Senegal.

Post-game statements

Paulo Duarte, Sparrowhawk coach said: “We had two plans for this match. The first is to go up to 75 minutes without conceding a goal. AND in the last 15 minutes, run and push Senegal even more. But we took our first goal too quickly in the second half. But we have to do better. Now we will continue to work to better obtain a victory in Lomé against Namibia ”.

As a reminder, the Togolese match against Namibia is scheduled for Sunday September 5, 2021.