The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) is waging a war against foreigners who attempt to acquire Ghanaian passports through false declaration. Already, 52 nationals of other African nations have been repatriated.

Over the past nine months, GIS has prosecuted more than 35 foreign nationals who were subsequently fined a total of 91,360.00 GHC.

The people prosecuted include eight Ghanaians, 17 Nigerians, four Togolese, one Beninese, one Cameroonian, one South Africans, one Congolese, one Sierra Leonean and two Ivorians.

The head of the legal department of the GIS, Principal Superintendent Adolf Aboagye-Asenso, told journalists that the local accomplices of the returnees were on the run and that the GIS will do everything to stop them.

He said foreigners acquired authentic source documents such as birth certificates from the Births and Deaths Register, Ghana Cards from the National Identification Authority and Voters’ Identity Cards from the Commission. election with the help of their local collaborators.

“Such actions go a long way not only to dent the image of the country among the comity of nations but also to erode the integrity of such documents”, he said.

GIS had previously arrested 79 people, including 72 Togolese, four Nigerians and three Ghanaiansin the Volta region, for allegedly engaging in illegal business.

Source: AfrikPage