Their birth was a world first, The Malian nonuplets born in Morocco are six months old this Thursday, November 4 and they are doing well. They are still in Casablanca, Morocco.

Very premature, it took long weeks in an incubator and close medical supervision.

At the private clinic Aïn Borja in Casablanca in Morocco, a medical team of 30 people was mobilized on Tuesday, May 4, to give birth by cesarean section to the nine babies of Malian Halima Cissé. © Aïn Borja Clinic

Now the whole family is waiting to be able to return to Timbuktu, where they are from, and the day-to-day is busy.

Nine babies born alive from the same pregnancy, never before seen.

A 30-weeks pregnancy at very high risk for the mother, 26, and the babies, born very prematurely by cesarean section on May 4, 2021.

Halima Cissé leaves her room in the maternity ward every day to visit her nonuplets in the neonatal intensive care unit. “An incredible patient, calm and confident,” say all the caregivers who have accompanied her. © RFI / Amélie Tulet

But today everyone is doing well. The family is still in Casablanca in Morocco in a medical apartment.

Hours and days go by very quickly

The father, Abdelkader Arby, repeats it modestly: ” Nine babies every day, it’s not at all easy. It requires a lot of attention. They can all wake up together. Always watch, always be there when needed. We are there in the apartment, so busy. Hours and days go by very quickly. Help is needed.”

The couple are supported by Abdelkader Arby’s little brother and mother’s sister, Halima Cissé.

Two nurses also come to lend a hand during the day, two others at night. The pediatrician at the Aïn Borja clinic regularly visits the nonuplets. The smallest, Hawa, born at just 500 grams, now weighs three kilograms.

“They have differences of character, confides the mother, Halima Cissé. There are some who cry, others who do not cry. Some just want them to be worn. When the children sleep, we rest while they wake up. “

The minister at the bedside of the family

In mid-October, the Malian Minister of Health and Social Development, Diéminatou Sangaré, came to see the whole family in Casablanca to assess the situation and prepare for the return. No date is set for the moment.

The father, Abdelkader Arby, is soon planning a solo trip to Timbuktu to comfort his eldest daughter.

She is not yet three years old and has not seen her mother for almost eight months.

Source: rfi