It was with negotiations and warning shots “in the air” that the French soldiers were able to drive away the Burkinabè demonstrators who had been trying since Saturday to prevent the passage of their convoy to Kaya, in the center-north of the country.

According to the latest information, the governor of the Kaya region had to go there twice to try to calm the situation and allow the convoy to return to Ouagadougou.

Burkinabè soldiers patrol near a fenced area where French soldiers are entrenched, November 20, 2021. © OLYMPIA DE MAISMONT / AFP

There were “no injuries as a result of the French action”, according to the French general staff quoted by the RFI

French soldiers were finally able to leave the city of Kaya overnight from Saturday to Sunday and headed for the capital Ouagadougou.

According to RFI, the last of the 60 vehicles in the convoy left the parking lot at 1:20 am.

The protesters reportedly tried to enter the site where the trucks are parked. This prompted the Burkinabé gendarmerie to use tear gas after the French army fired “warning shots in the air”.

Four injured

Four people were seen in the emergency department. “These four people were shot and wounded,” a medical source told RFI.

However, the French army staff maintains that there were “no injuries as a result of the French action”.

Source: News Agencies