As Ghana’s parliament debates a bill seeking to criminalize LGBTQI + in the country, Ghanaian musician Wanlov the Kubolor has once again shown his commitment against the bill, posting new photos on social media.

On Sunday, Emmanuel Owusu-Bonsu, popularly known as Wanlov The Kubolor posted on his page, pictures of himself wearing blue nails and eyeshadow.

He captioned the photos: “If laws were made according to “sin”, won’t you also be in prison?”

The LGBTQ activist has been defending the country’s queer community for years.

As a reminder, Ghana is one of the African countries, which have not yet legalized homosexuality or same-sex marriage.

In recent months, a group has submitted a bill to the Ghanaian parliament to criminalize the acts.

Bellow are the rest of the pictures posted by the Ghanaian-Romanian musician:

Source: AfrikPage