Former South African President Jacob Zuma can appeal a court ruling that overturned his parole, granted in September on medical grounds. A decision made public by Judge Elias Matojane on Tuesday, after a virtual hearing of more than three hours.

The different parties presented their arguments, Jacob Zuma’s lawyers were able to challenge this decision before the Supreme Court of Appeal, one of the highest South African judicial bodies, based in Bloemfontein (center).

His freedom of movement is limited, which has an impact on his dignity.

He is serving his sentence, although it is outside the prison. Third, due to his illness and old age, what I mean is that he needs compassion, empathy and humanity, which is the essence of “Ubuntu” (humanity) explains, Judge Elias Matojane.

The 80-year-old Jacob Zuma was released on medical parole earlier this year, but the High Court in Gauteng, in the capital Pretoria, ruled that parole was illegal, sparking the anger of his supporters.

Source: News Agencies