Togolese political activist Fovi Katakou regained his freedom on Monday after his detention in prison on December 13 in Lomé civilian prison.

This Togolese man with a severe disability was released on the decision of the prosecutor of the examining magistrate, without any trial.

Following the denunciations and indignations that followed Mr. Katakou’s imprisonment, the investigating judge decided to release him.

Fovi Katakou during a demonstration in Lomé

The activist was arrested on December 11 and taken to the Central Criminal Investigation and Investigation Service (SCRIC) of the Togo gendarmerie.

He was subsequently charged with “condoning crimes, felony and misdemeanors, inciting revolt against state authority”.

He had been placed under a warrant of committal on December 13. The next day, December 14, Fovi Katakou was taken to Lomé civilian prison.

Nine days after his arrest, this young Togolese with reduced mobility can return to his family. However, he is placed under judicial supervision.

Source: AfrikPage