Known for his involvement in socio-political affairs in Ghana, the winner of Ghanaweb 2021 Social media personality Awards has just published this Friday, a statement pleading for a Ghanaian seeking to travel to the U.S. for health reasons.

In his message beginning with “I’m disappointed in the U.S. Embassy Ghana is an understatement”, A Plus revealed his astonishment after the lady was granted a visa without her assistant with whom she should travel.

Bellow is the full statement from the Founder of The People’s Projects (TPP).

The open letter sent to U.S. Embassy

Dear Ambassador,

To say I’m disappointed in the U.S. Embassy Ghana is an understatement; I’m only being economical with the truth due to the great relationship I’ve had with your outfit over the years. My issue with you now is lengthy and emotional. However, I will try my very best to summarize it.

Late last year, many Ghanaians, rich, middle class and poor, came together, some donating their widow’s mite, contributed 150 thousand dollars, 1.2 million Ghana cedis to a lady, Abena Pomaa, to enable her to undergo a brain tumour surgery in the US. After meeting all the requirements, she approached your outfit and applied for a visa. Thankfully you issued her with a visa. However, during the interview, she stated clearly that without being assisted by someone she cannot walk on her own. That is why she was aided by this person to the interview; she needs to travel with this same person to support her.

The tumour has blinded her in one eye and is gradually covering up the other. I’m very sure that you saw the hospital report which shows clearly how important and urgent this surgery is to save her sight. You are aware that she has paid the hospital what is required. It is sad how you have refused to attach any importance to this issue by immediately issuing her aid a visa.

For many weeks, they have tried everything possible; spoken to people at foreign affairs, sent emails to you, Her Excellency, the Ambassador. Unfortunately, all of their efforts have either hit the rocks or fallen on deaf ears.

You are aware that the only available appointment dates on your website begin from 2023. Your excellency, what stops you from giving them an emergency date? Do you want them to wait till 2023? This is unamerican!! Just last year, America evacuated nearly 130 thousand Afghans to safety; 👏🏾👏🏾 the embassy in Ghana cannot give one person an emergency in this situation?

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America means hope and a bright future for all law-abiding humans with a willing heart. How do you think Joe Biden or Kamala Harris will feel if they hear that the US embassy in Ghana is emotionless in such a situation? Though you are in Nyame Bɛkyerɛ Republic, please be American!! 🗽

It is only human, to pick a phone and call this lady, to ask her aid to come for an interview. If whoever she presents do not qualify for a visa, refuse the visa and issue it to another relation who qualifies. You cannot always be this ridged. 🤦 You are people, human beings, men and women born with love embedded in your hearts. What is happening now and has happened to many others in the past is not the love America has led the world with for centuries.

The visa you issued Abena Pomaa is meaningless unless you issue a visa to someone who will accompany her to the US. she is going blind.

Thank you.

Source: AfrikPage