According to the results of the parliamentary elections in Senegal announced Thursday evening, the alliance of opposition parties won 80 constituencies, against 82 for the presidential coalition, which loses the absolute majority.

Never in the history of Senegal has a parliamentary election been so close.

According to results released Thursday by the National Vote Census Commission, the coalition of parties allied with President Macky Sall, Benno Bokk Yakaar, won only 82 of the 165 seats.

The power therefore comes in first, by a hair, but loses the absolute majority to one Member of parliament.

The rival opposition coalition, Yewwi Askan Wi, won 56 seats, while its partner Wallu Senegal, the formation of former president Abdoulaye Wade, won 24. Together, they therefore totalized 80 seats in this elections.

The final figures must be published by the Constitutional Council within five days. But the opposition, which had proclaimed its victory the day after the vote, Monday, could introduce appeals, legally extending this period.

Source: AfrikPage