Ghanaian cultural actor Van Calebs lamented having had a hellish experience after co-organizing a big event with a Togolese woman on December 16 in the capital of Togo.

A show, dubbed ‘Black Friday’, was organized to provide Togolese people with great entertainment through music, fashion and sports.

“I first organized an event in the Bé district. The results weren’t bad. But the big event itself was a big Fiasco…it was indeed the worst day of my life,” he told us.

With a host of Ghanaian and Togolese performers lining up for the event, expectations and confidence were high within Van Calebs’ camp.

The team was also optimistic that the event center at the Palais des Congrès in Lomé was going to be filled to capacity.

But despite the presence of Ghanaian celebrities like actor Van Vicker, Prince David Osei, ‘One corner’ hitmaker, Patapaa, Chief One, Jah Phinga and a host of top Togolese artists and entertainers, the auditorium was almost empty.

Given this, the organizers had to cancel the charge and make it a free-for-all event in order to get people into the auditorium.

Source: AfrikPage